Look up! Our redemption is nigh!

Take Heart Friends & Family, 

Be encouraged. Though things may seem dire, we have much to look forward to. I am convinced a Revival is on the Horizon, and we need to prepare. Jesus is Coming.

What will that look like? Will He find us here, wringing our hands over a rigged election? Some people may love Trump a little more than Jesus, and his departure off the Presidential dais feels like the death of a dear family member or friend.

Take Heart. There is much work to be done, and it starts with prayer. Fervently pray for joy amidst trial, for the peace that surpasses all understanding and for strength in knowing that we, as believers in Christ, are planted firmly in the Palm of His Hand. And He has a Plan.

Pray for others too. People are hurting. A lot. One friend cancelled tea today, feeling like she just got shot and needs to hide behind a tree. Another cried so hard she may've triggered an asthma attack. Like her, you might feel "disillusioned... violated and abused." We imagine at least 50 million Americans know in their hearts Joe Biden did not win Election 2020. No Voter ID laws, a conjured up mail-in ballot scheme where ballots may as well have been dropped from airplanes! Halted elections in key states and at 4am, against all odds, the career empty suit surges ahead the unbelievably successful US President Donald J Trump, who in four short years far exceeded expectations ..  of anyone not glued to the boobtube. The absurdity of election riggers calling for unity after a four-year long, nonstop barrage of defamation and blatant lies is mind-blowing. The attacks on Trump were attacks on half of the US. His agenda mirrors the things we value. All we see is the loss of our Constitutional Republic and a 2-tiered justice system already in hyper-drive.  One that lets the lawless, violent and perverse and all their enablers, along with a willfully ignorant populace, Borgs helplessly tethered to the Collective, free to roam and wreak havoc over this land we love.

But our hope is in Christ and all the wonderful things he has prepared for those who love Him. So let's get to work! Please share your stories, see them published here. Follow Monty's Blog. Watch for updates. Consider becoming a Founding Member, supporting the work of Buffalo's Monticello. Strap on your dancing shoes and get ready for some fun!

Rus & Jul




  1. Thank you. Redemption is the theme my pastor is preaching.

  2. Thank you. Redemption is the theme my pastor is preaching.

  3. test what you've been taught with what scripture says to you, truth time radio https://anchor.fm/truthtimeradio 1-888-988-9562
    This is a truth they don't want you to know or trust in just like they don't want you to know about the reconciliation through Christ that' 2 Corinthians5 18 and 19 just like they don't want you to know about rightly dividing the word of Truth 2 Timothy 2:15 because religious charlatans make a lot of money from teaching tithing and old testament salvation and it's also used as a control mechanism just like they don't want you to know about the liberty you're founding forefathers of this nation recognized come from God and passed it on to you through the Constitution they don't want you to know the liberty you have in Christ all sin has been forgiven whether you're a believer or not 2Corinthians 5:18-19 makes that clear however you leave this world without being Ephesians 1 sealed with Christ TRUSTING IN CHRIST'S SALVATION. then you're going to hell with your sins paid for because you refused the purchase made by Christ.... It's really that simple faith plus nothing faith in the death burial Resurrection salvation that Christ revealed to what apostle? the apostle he chose for the dispensation of the grace of God. Rom16:26-26 which is Paul the one-time persecutor of Christians who was known as Saul His 13 Epistles are what God speaking to us through today everything else in Scripture is written down for your learning but it's not your instructions there's great wisdom and Hope in these scriptures but they are not your hands on doctrine old testament is Matthew Mark Luke and John all those apostles and the rest of the 12 were only sent to one nation and with one gospel that was to the Jews the nation of Israel and the gospel, keep the law plus faith that's the ten commandments plus the 615 statutes of the law, hang on to the end keep the faith, that having to do with them were about to receive the earthly kingdom promised to them this is also found in the early chapters of Acts but onec Paul is made an apostle after Israel stoned Steven to death blaspheming the holy ghost. a new gospel begins to be revealed and that gospel is laid out from Romans through philemon the book of Hebrews is obviously speaking to them again in an age yet to come. Romans 11:25 and the rest of those books including Revelations. Don't let religion make a fool of you!!! The devil twist scripture to keep people lost but thinking they're saved. Trusting in their own understanding and flesh, sin confessing water baptism, getting right with God all these sounds right its feel good things. Rather than the DBR RECONCILIATION SALVATION. Gal3:10-12 the God of this world hides the simplicity found in salvation through Christ behind old testament religion. Superstition and tradition.

  4. Jul and Russ,

    Thank you for all you are doing to inform and inspire!!! Your efforts are GREATLY APPRECIATED.


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